Aluminium Finishing

Chemetall is a market leader in Aluminium Finishing with specific products for the key process areas:


Chemetall supplies a complete range of products from cleaners to etchants, desmuts, colouring systems and seals. Chemetall’s local expertise will assist you to acquire the finish and results you wish to achieve from your anodising process.

Paint Pre-Treatment

Chemetall’s range of proven products includes traditional etchants and conversion coatings. In addition, Chemetall has a range of approved Chrome-3 and Chrome-free products.

Die Stripping

Chemetall die stripping products will reduce costs and effluent discharge and assist in achieving a superior exclusive finish.

Effluent Treatment

Chemetall has the knowledge, capability and products to assist in dealing with effluent treatment for all of the above systems.

Our technology portfolio:

  • Gardobond® X
  • Gardoclean®
  • Gardo® Seal
  • Oxsilan® AL

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