Chemetall (New Zealand) Limited was established in 1998 and forms part of a global organisation which leads in special Surface Treatment products.

Chemetall (New Zealand) Limited acquired Tergo Industries in February 2010. Tergo Industries was established in 1944 which was part of the Gas Company and was a local leading supplier for 70 years.

In focus: value added for customers

Good products and quality service is the prerequisite for our successful business. However, we believe that true success lies in a close and partnership-based cooperation with our customers. It is therefore our aim to offer a value added product with top quality processes, on-time deliveries and excellent technical service. With to our vast expertise in a diversified market as well as our understanding of the customers’ needs and processes, we are in a position to offer you customized solutions.

Globally active, locally based

Our global business activities are based on tradition and experience dating back all the way to the 19th century when we were still part of the then Metallgesellschaft. Spun off as a separate entity in 1982, we are now one of the leading global players in Surface Treatment with headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. With our 2,000 employees, 40 subsidiaries and 22 production sites, we are a financially strong and fast growing company with a long-term orientation. Our aim is to further strengthen our quality and innovation leadership. With our own sales offices, production facilities, service teams, laboratories and warehouses at locations all around the world, we are operating in close proximity to our customers.

Sustainably successful

Responsible practices and sustainable development are the principles we base our actions on. Our first priority is to consistently implement environmental protection and work safety guidelines and continuously improve the safety of our worldwide production sites. We act responsibly with a view to society and the environment and put them on an equal footing with our financial targets.

Quality & Environment

It is the objective of Chemetall (New Zealand) Limited to be a major supplier of Industrial and Surface Treatment chemicals to New Zealand manufacturing industries. We believe that the disciplines necessary to meet international quality standards are essential to give our customers total confidence in our capabilities to meet their needs as a quality supplier. We consider that our standing and growth will be enhanced by the adoption of the principles of continual improvement just as much as we are committed to the protection of the environment.

ISO Certifications:

NZ – Chemetall ISO 9001-2015 Certificate