Coil Industry

Chemetall has focused on the application, research and development of surface treatment technologies for over 70 years. We are uniquely placed to partner with customers to provide technologies to meet the requirements of the market.

Chemetall specialists will work with you to simplify your process, and reduce product consumption. Our range of environmentally friendly products helps customers to reduce energy costs, and in many cases, eliminate traditional costs associated with water treatment, e.g. the development of no-rinse pre-treatment.

For cleaning, desmutting, passivation and lubrication to the supply of specialty coatings, Chemetall has products that will satisfy your needs.

Eco-friendly, chrome-free coil pretreatment prior to coating

Coil pretreatment processes can be applied in many ways. Select the optimum process from our product portfolio to suit the substrate, the application technology and the intended use of the pretreated coil material. This includes no-rinse or dry-in-place processes as well conventional pretreatment technologies such as alkaline oxidation, chromating or zinc-phosphating. Modern systems already concentrate on eco-friendly, chrome-free product solutions. Major efforts in recent years have been focused on the development of completely metal-free innovations in order to meet future legislative requirements.

Effective galvanizing for long-term protection

Whether is it for building facades, garage doors or car bodies – top-quality and effective galvanizing is needed to protect the appearance and to provide a durable and long lasting protective coating. With our highly effective and complete product range we can support you throughout the entire process – from cleaning and galvanizing through to post-treatment by phosphating and passivating. With this in mind, you can choose from a range of environmentally-sound products.

Our technology portfolio:

  • Gardobond® PC Permanent Coating
  • Gardobond® pretreatment and phosphating processes
  • Gardoclean® cleaners
  • Gardolene® activating and passivating agents
  • Gardolube® drawing lubricants
  • Gardorol® corrosion protection oils
  • Gardo® Protect corrosion protection primers, welding primers
  • Oxsilan® multi-metal pretreatment and passivating agents
  • Permatreat® pretreatment agents for aluminum

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